Neil Terence Irwin

Neil is a young entrepreneur who grew up on a farm, on the enchanting North Devon coast, he has worked tirelessly to build a prosperous and rewarding life for himself and his family, as a property developer.  

Neil’s early education as an electrician enabled him to see the value in property development, and at the tender age of 19, he struck out alone and bought his first investment property. Within 10 short years Neil had amassed over 1 million pounds in assets.  

Neil’s determination and business acumen saw his business grow, when other businesses were failing, during the economic crash in 2008. Since that time Neil’s portfolio of properties has increased tenfold, and his assets now amass over 8 million pounds.

Neil is the founder and CEO of SPS (Sure Property Solutions).



SPS is a multi million pound company primarily focused on property development, and training people in property development throughout the UK, and more recently abroad. Neil is building an innovative, dynamic and powerful nationwide network, of highly trained individuals who are working together under the SPS brand.